who or what is fiendish cat?

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This site was designed by Roo and Jenny. It is named after our cat Two-Stroke, commonly referred to as "Mogwai" as she is a little gremlin and quite fiendish. She is strawberry blonde, with exceedingly sharp claws and teeth. Her hobbies include biting people, hiding in boxes, sleeping and looking cute.

We got her on October 26 1999 from the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home, where I was tricked by Jen into parting with fifteen quid for the pleasure of the evil creature's company. Actually, I now find her quite nice, and she appears to not mind me too much either.

I thought of putting a proper picture of her here, but I can't be bothered so please make do with this surprisingly good sketch...

She costs us a fortune in Whiskas and tuna, and also enjoys eating pancakes and cooked chicken. A small house has been purpose built in the garden for her. It is furnished with wall to wall carpets (from John Lewis), but as yet, Jenny has refused to let me install under floor heating.

Our baby daughter, Harriet, is also very cute. However, she has no house in the garden, and does not yet bite and scratch. There is nothing especially interesting to say about me and Jenny.