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If you don't already own a Rex 6000, you should. It looks like this:

It is not as powerful as a palm, versatile as a Psion or robust as a brick. However, it is a LOT smaller (PCMCIA = credit card), and with 2 Megabytes of memory it can store quite a lot of useful information. Over the last couple of years, a lot of dedicated people have developed addin software to expand the capabilities of this PDA. However things have tailed off since Intel (yuk!) bought up the company that made them. No new ones are being manufactured now, although there are still stocks out there.

The most useful place to find out more about rex, is There is also quite a bit of useful add-in software which can be found at

I used to program quite a lot a few years ago. Bits of my 48K ZX Spectrum are, I expect, still lurking in a cupboard in my folks place. My Amiga and old Mac have not been used for some time, and my lack of a PC until relatively recently has not been conducive to further programming. Now I have a nice (PC? well...) new computer which crashes regularly, presumably due to its crap operating system (ME), but works well enough to allow me to create new Rex add-ins.

My fourth addin - the puzzle Solitaire - was released in November 2002. I've sort-of given up on any major projects, because I simply don't have the time, and I've been spending more time developing for the PC. I've got a couple of unfinished projects that I'll try to release at some stage.

Select the following to download - they are zipped and include the add-in and associated help files.

MiniTetris v1.2

A conversion of the classic game - this is probably the final version I'll ever do of this. The program now requires an additional picture file to run, and the high score is now stored permanently. If you are interested, you can download version 1.1 with original source code from here.

PacMan v0.9

Another 8 bit classic! This is quite an early version - unfortunately it's a bit slow, and there are not many features, but hey - it's PacMan nonetheless on your Rex! Please take a quick peak at the readme included in the Zip file. The source code isn't available at present.

MiniData v1.2

MiniData is a small database program, which allows you to transfer comma delimited data back and forth between your Rex and PC. It requires three addin slots and works in Adder. A bug remains which causes problems with large files. I've not had time to fix this yet, but will release a fixed version eventually, together with some other minor improvements. There is an example data file and an html help file included in the Zip.

As of November 2002, MiniData has been recompiled to run in the slots created by the "BGone" addins. This fix required all three files to be recompiled, so even if you have the previous v1.2, I'm afraid you will have to replace ALL three addins for MiniData to work properly. I have not tested this upgraded version though - please let me know if you try this version and it doesn't (or does!) work.

Solitaire v1.0

This is a version of the traditional puzzle game, where you try to remove the counters by jumping them over adjacent pieces, until a single one remains in the centre of the board.

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