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Here are some interesting places to visit on the world wide web. Some are more interesting than others. Indeed some are not interesting at all. It would be most helpful if you could let me know if any links have become ancient history.



Roo's folks and Jen's folks



The Queen

Wee bro's band

And no, you can't visit President Bush because he is stupid.

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Rex 6000 PDA

NASA and some cool pictures

Puzzles - Rubik's and Tetris

How to be middle aged - learn about train sets

Cooking with Jamie Oliver

The Internet Movie Database

Modes of transport - Boats, Ferrari, and bicycles

Where we got our cat from

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Television - mind you, I don't watch much - The BBC, Channel 4

The Telegraph - I barely read either!

The Radio Times - for deciding what not to watch...

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Edinburgh University (greatest medical school in the world?!)

Heart wire

Evidence - PubMed and The Cochrane Library

Major journals - BMJ, The Lancet, The New England Journal, and JAMA

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Amazon  - UK and USA

Useful electronics and good value printer stuff

Cycling bits

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